CFO Services for SaaS Businesses

CFOs are professionals who create and use predictive analytics for assessing risk and devising strategies for effectively deploying operational resources to achieve successful outcomes


Bookkeeping is not Accounting and does not ensure GAAP compliance as required by business stakeholders including investors, lenders, insurers, directors and regulatory agencies

Hiring full time accounting resources is not cost efficient for most startups and many SMBs

SMC has decades of experience providing professional on-demand timely and accurate results to SaaS companies

CFO Services for SaaS Businesses

  • Align Strategic & Operational Plans
  • Real time rolling P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Support Fundraising activities
  • Identify Opportunities and measure risks
  • What-if scenario forecasting
  • Develop & execute exit strategies
  • Drivers, KPIs and Analytics
  • SaaS Metrics
    • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    • Churn
    • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    • CAC:LTV
    • Quick Ratio
    • Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue (MRR/ARR)
    • Average Revenue per Account (ARPA)
    • Conversion Rate
    • Customer Retention Rate


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